Why Should You Be a Welder in Oregon?


welding-glovesI remember being so excited when my favorite pair of gloves MIG work. I remember not having to look for a welding job for so long because finding one isn’t a problem. I remember the first work I had as a welder, working with people who are passionate about what they do. I remember having to creatively solve problems that were totally unexpected.

All these good experiences are so heart-warming to reminisce, and I feel blessed as a welder. You, too, can be as grateful as I am. And I’ll tell you a secret: Most of the time, your work happiness depends on where you work. If you’re a welder based in Oregon, you’ll know what I mean.

Here are the reasons why welding is an extraordinary adventure in Oregon:

Welding jobs are everywhere.

Who wouldn’t want to have numerous choices? Welders are in-demand in the state. You won’t have difficulty looking for a welding job in that place because it offers tons of available opportunities. All you need is to be a certified welder, and you can be one of the happiest people in Oregon.

For instance, you can work as a fabricator/welder, a welder who is an expert at sheet metal welding, a hydraulic assembler, a licensed welding teacher, and many more! If you know the various types of weld preparation and weld finishing operations, then you’re going to be a happy welder in the state. You’ll even be sought-after if you can work with various materials like steel, aluminum, stainless, copper, bronze, and brass.

Welding won’t be dull.


Are you an adventurer? If yes, then you’ll enjoy working as a welder in Oregon because you’ll be able to weld different materials. You’ll weld frames, truck bodies, flatbeds, and other special projects. You’ll have various projects to work on every two days! You’ll also be able to work with pipes, automotive parts, and electronic components. Plus, you’ll have to learn new welding techniques now and then. Oregon welders don’t just cut or join metal pieces using semi-automatic or manual welding machines; they also know how to safely operate welding machines and follow blueprints for organizing metal pieces into position before the welding process. Want me to be honest with you? There’s no room for boredom when you’re a welder in Oregon.

Welding employers are kind.

One of the great things about being a welder in Oregon is that you can start as a trainee. You don’t have to be experienced immediately since they’re kind enough to hire trainees. All you got to do is pass a weld test to be their permanent employee! Some employers may require a certificate of welding, but not all. Others only demand self-motivation and enthusiasm to be trained and to work. They’ll even help you improve your mathematical skills so that the measurements, calculations, and alignments you’ll do in the future will be carried out correctly. Oregon is such a generous state, I tell you.

Welders are paid reasonably.


Lastly, you’ll love being a welder in Oregon because the pay is decent. Typically, a MIG welder in Portland, Oregon receives $18.67 per hour. The hourly rate is between $12.33 to $24.33. You could even earn more! Overtime pay is even huge—$31.19. In a year, you could get $25,644 to $68,864.

Working as a welder may be strenuous, but if you’re in Oregon, you’ll be a lot happier.

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Oregon’s Hidden Gems: Hiking Trails


If you’ve ever visited Washington’s Jefferson National Park, you would see how awesome their hiking trails are. And if you took on Jefferson National Park’s Dragon Tooth Trail, it will be as easy as pie for you to take on Oregon’s hidden gems.

You see, Oregon is not just only known for its lush forests and pristine beaches. It’s not only home to a number of picturesque views and tranquil waters. It’s not only known for its world-class shops and farm-to-table restaurants. It’s not only home to the Sea Lion Caves and the Heceta Head Light.

It’s also known for its hidden gems: hiking trails.

Here are some of them:

The John Day River Basin

Located on the Black Canyon of Sutton Mountain, this hiking trail is best known for its crystal waterfalls and rare plant breeds. It’s also known for its spring wildflowers, as well as its hedgehog cacti. Even more so, its location is about 4,649 feet above John Day. Ready yourself for a sweaty journey and picturesque views on the summit of Sutton Mountain.

The Whychus-Deschutes

Located in-between Oregon’s Whychus Creek and Deschutes River, this hiking trail is best known for its desert-like beginning and its oasis-like ending. It’s also known for its salmon fishes, as well as its steelhead fishes that live on water coming from the iconic Alder Springs. Even more so, it’s an epitome of nature at its best. Ready yourself for a cool journey and rare ponderosas.

These are only few of Oregon’s hidden gems. Other hiking trails in Oregon include those within Owyhee Canyonlands, Steens Mountain, and Hart Mountain.

Have you already experienced hiking in these trails? How did it go for you? Do you know any other hidden gems in Oregon? Do you know any other awesome hiking trails in the United States? Let us know in the comments section below!

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