The 4 Must-Visit Patio Restaurants in Portland, Oregon

Patio Restaurant Chair Furniture Dining Room

Experience the best outdoor dining in these renowned restaurants in Portland! They will even inspire you to get yourself a table saw so you could lay your own patio and make it a dining area too!

The Black Rabbit

This patio restaurant located in Edgefield Hotel stands out from the rest because it’s a legit bistro. Here you can enjoy a global menu that will make you love Korean-style ribs. The restaurant offers delectable dishes that are best served with wine, spirits, and even beer. Care for some bamboo fried rice? They got you! Want some asparagus in a delicious saffron sauce? Just say the word! The Black Rabbit will make you come back to it over and over.



Famous for its 50 beers on tap, this patio restaurant is designed with picnic tables. Some of these tables even have their own Weihenstephan umbrella to keep you protected from the glaring sun. Although technically a bar, Apex also offers delicious food that goes well with whatever beer you have. If you want to take things easy with a glass of your favorite drink in your hand, then this is the restaurant to visit.

10 Barrel Brewing Co.


Another must-visit is the 10 barrel located on a rooftop. The bar is open for beer loves and those who love good food. Aside from the stunning view it offers, the rooftop boasts of its 1,600 square feet area. Twenty taps are available here too. They occasionally release limited beers as well. The rooftop patio restaurant is one of the best places to get a beer in Portland.

The Bye and Bye

Located at 1011 NE Alberta Street, the Bye and Bye is the last one on our list. It’s worth visiting because of the funky and industrial décor its indoor section features. Just like the Apex, you can also choose whether you want to dine covered or not. The outdoor dining area is covered and is an excellent place to eat in if you want some fresh air. There are nine taps here (mostly craft) for beer lovers, and they also have over 20 varieties of bottles and cans to satisfy your thirst.

A Great Alternative

Patio Restaurant Chair Furniture Dining Room

If you can’t afford to dine in these restaurants yet, perhaps because you’re far away, then my suggestion is to build your own mini patio restaurant at home! With the right handyman tools, you can achieve anything.

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