Why You Need to Change Your CS:GO Crosshair


Don’t you just hate it when you’re always seeing the same places all the time? Kinda makes you lose appetite, right? But there’s an answer to that—going on an adventure in Oregon or other places!

Just like that scenario, it’s also boring to use the default crosshair provided by Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. Using the same ol’ crosshair doesn’t make your weapon unique from others and could be disturbing for some instead of being a help.

csgo-crosshairWhile others prefer a small, tiny dot, others think their aim would be better if they use a bulky reticle. Whatever your choice is, the essential thing is to get the right one for you, and you’ll know it’s perfect when it allows you to have the best game experiences ever.


What’s wrong with the default crosshair?

Apart from being monotonous, it offers a different kind of challenge for novices because its size changes based on the shooting, stance, and movement. In other words, it’s confusing because of its shrink-and-grow feature. Even some experienced players might have a difficulty getting used to it. In addition, it’s also too animated, and it takes up much space on the screen.

Customization: What about it?


To solve the problem, you need to customize your CS:GO reticle. Don’t worry about the process; you can easily create one with a crosshair generator. A generator will help you get the right one for you which will allow you to step up your game. Remember that a certain reticle might be popular, but it may not be the best one for your eyes. After all, a perspective is subjective. Choose the right one for your style and not because it has gained popularity.

Tips For You


Before you purchase a crosshair (yes, you need to buy), make sure you examine it thoroughly first. Check if you could get used to it and if it has the potential to help you aim and shoot better. Don’t be afraid to try out various styles too. It’s better to test them all than regret after purchasing. You should also remember that you might miss a few shots when testing a crosshair. That’s okay. You’re not used to the reticle yet so that’ll really happen. Just be sure to choose the one that compliments the weapon and the way you play.

If you want to know more about CS:GO reticles, visit https://csgototem.com/crosshair/.

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